Platonic Solid - Christmas Edition
Platonic Solid - Christmas Edition
Platonic Solid - Christmas Edition

Stylish Christmas Decoration
You can now get stylish, graphic Christmas decoration that fit your design interior. Architect and Designer Isabel Ahm, have long been fascinated by complex geometrical shapes. The Christmas decoration ‘Dode’, is inspired by Platonic Solids. Dode is a two-dimensional sheet cut out as a 3D shape. The decorative and minimalist alternative to the classic Christmas decoration is made of laser cut acrylic with a nylon string and is available in several color combinations.

About Isabel Ahm
Isabel Ahm is a Copenhagen-based independent designer. She graduated from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2007 and formed her studio in 2009. She regularly works for major Danish and international clients, and this webshop is a cherished supplement to that.

Inspired by the self publishing movement, she launched the web shop in November 2012.

In the web shop, you will find various products, continually updated and changed. Some of them are one offs and some are limited editions. Some are results of collaborations with other designers/artists/illustrators. Last, there are also simple, mass-produced products that have mainstream appeal, but genuinely are used to finance the more time-consuming products that perhaps aren’t the best business idea, but are 100% “con amore”.