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Play Art Polygon Art by PAPA Collection


– Art finished by my own hands – Inspiring polygon art – An art object for artistically sensitive interior

PAPA is a DIY living arts brand and a polygon art object that you can install on the wall. You can have fun and fulfilling experiences as you assemble a beautiful piece of art on your own that would make your space bright. Complete your own interior design that can stir up your imagination and artistic sensibility through PAPA.

POLYGON ART Geometrical plastic arts

Polygon art is one of art genres to reinterpret a three-dimensional shape with basic figures. PAPA is designed for everyone to make easily and help you to get closer to art that was distant from you. The hands-on art piece on your wall will inspire your daily life with new imagination.

PERFECT HARMONY Perfect symphony with your space

PAPA is one of the most aesthetic interior design accessaries that can change your space. The simple and beautiful design of PAPA greatly harmonizes with any surroundings. You can give a final touch to your interior design by PAPA, which gives perfect harmonisation with furnitures and lightings.

MAKE EASY & FUN Easy and fun to assemble

You can have an amazing experience to make your own art piece through PAPA, which is fun and enjoyable to everyone. Feel accomplished as you see plain paper change into a beautiful three-dimensional art piece and place PAPA in your space.

BEAUTIFUL CRAFT Quality material and deep color

Professional artisanship is embedded in the most familiar material, paper. PAPA uses only high quality papers, produced by German paper company with 130 years of history. It presents deep color and detailed textures as angle and light change. Gold and pink color reflects light in a various way as angle changes. This brings up modern and classic atmosphere to a place installed.

ALL IN ONE PACKAGE A complete package without any other tools

No need for scissors, paste or any other tools. Package includes already-cut planar figure, a user’s manual, and tape for your convenience. You can make PAPA easily and enjoyably by sticking tapes to paper panels in numerical order, and assembling panels in alphabetical order.

PAPA Campaign Cut - Bird Pink

PAPA Campaign Cut - Whale Gold

PAPA Interior Cut - Birds

PAPA Interior Cut - Unicorn

PAPA Interior Cut - Whale

PAPA Product - Bird Gold

PAPA Product - Unicorn White

PAPA Product - Whale Pink

PAPA Package - Unpacked

PAPA Package - 9 Lineup

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