Simple retro lines form two dynamic tables, the S and Z tab. They can be used separately or assembled together performing variable functions according to their compositions. Just play retro and you get what you need.
Functionality is the main aspect of the design. Playing with the tables gives different forms; each is of a useful design.
It can be used as:
1. Small library and magazine holder.
2. Side Table(the S one )
3. Tavolino Table (the Z one)
4. Coffee table.
Material: bent-ply beech wood, with white lacquer.

Ergonomics for design state that an object is rarely used by one individual; users should always be taken into consideration to help them achieve their needs, and that is the vital, leading goal for the introduced design. It is accomplished through the different assembling of the two tables with same retro concept, providing different dimensions with different or same function.