phone case

The advanced technology, convenient advice, appears to meet people’s needs but also let people far away each other. That is common situation that people only focus on their own device when they are together.

People always check in first before date and browse all the time, update the newest news and have forgotten the real person beside them. Trough virtual way to know each other and what they are doing now is normality. Therefore, there is a concept to transfer virtual way back to real way again and make reality with childhood memories and interaction game. It is the way that uses old-fashion toys to design phone case. Share the realest feeling with friends and bring the reality things into real life. It could let people be closer with reducing the illusory feeling virtual created.
The concept of game is inspired by memory of playing pinball game to compete with friends.
Metal ball game trains people’s balance and crack the maze to final target. Magnetic ball is two-people game and will let people so exciting to playing.