PLC overview 3/4, photo (c) Iconic Radiators
PLC overview front, photo (c) Iconic Radiators
PLC detail, photo (c) Iconic Radiators

Decorative radiator PLC designed by Jacek Ryn for Terma, reminiscent in form of a warp and weft weave. Thanks to the advanced digital technology it was possible to bend profiles to create intricately braided steel structure. Precise computer-controlled bending of steel profiles makes the very tight and repeatable bends possible. Hand finish (soldering, grinding) eliminates the drawbacks typical of machine production processes. Available colors: over 160 colors available from Terma company’s palette. Sizes (mm): 1600×263, 1600×463, 1600×663, 1800×263, 1800×463, 1600×663.