PLH® SKIN CIMENTO™ is one of PLH® switch plate collection.
Each plate is produced from a sheet of aluminum, hollowed out in single mechanical operation using a CNC milling machine. It is 10 mm thick, with a depression on the front that allows the insert sheets of CIMENTO™ a patent pending mixture cement.

Available for local country standard wallboxes; allows the use of round or square NO push buttons (UL listed on request) for extra low tension systems or standard outlet.

SKIN CIMENTO™ collection uses the patent pending mixture cement CIMENTO™ by SAI Industry, a young and dynamic italian company based near Venice, to achieve the concrete effect directly on the surface of the switch plate in all its materiality and expressivity.

The coating, made by hand in the laboratory, is composed of over 90% of its total weight of cement and water from natural elements such as oxides, calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron, magnesium, and phosphate.

The stain resistant and other treatments ensures the best results in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

Photos by www.gajaphoto.com