Each plate is produced from a sheet of aluminum, hollowed out in single mechanical operation using a CNC milling machine. It is 10 mm thick and ranges in size from 81 to 211.5 mm, with a depression on the front that allows the insertion of the fabrics of the Danish multinational Kvadrat.
Available for standard switchboxes (502, 503E, 504E e 506L); allows the use of round or square NA buttons for low tension systems, with space for 4, 6, 8 or 14 buttons per plate and devices of standard derivation.
Polyurethane, polyester and nonwoven fabric are the materials that Epic has chosen from Kvadrat for this collection.
These are the selected coverings: Alloy, Imprint, Scuba and Sudden – designed for Kvadrat by Maharam Design Studio, a leading textile design company from New York – and Waterborn, created instead by the Danish design studio Aggebo&Henriksen. The colors of the Kvadrat catalogue are available for each model.