Grand Plié
The method
Grand Plié and Petit Plié
Petit Plié
Petit Plié before and after
Petit Plié
The portrait of the designer, Gergely Kiss-Gál.

First furniture collection of Plié by Atelier experimental workshop debuts at TENT London
The Plié Collection gives the experience of creating a design object to the hand of the user, while every piece is made of individual and fresh tailoring with innovative new technology.

At TENT London, in Shapes of Hungary section debuts the four-piece furniture collection and the new manufacturing technology of Plié by Atelier workshop. Founded in 2012 and lead by Gergely Kiss-Gál Hungarian architect and designer, the workshop developed a traditional joint-free, plywood and felt or rubber based multilayered technology. Pieces of the first collection use the qualities of this innovation to create flexible but stable furniture with fresh tailor-made form. Plié Collection combines the craftsmanship of tailoring with manufacturing furniture. The mission is to show how to fold your furniture with fashion in wood.
Plié by Atelier will also exhibit the Pouf Plié piece of the Plié Collection at Budapest Design Week 2013 in collaboration with Edit Szabo Design at Art IX XI Gallery. In their conceptual installation, called the Strange Loop, the two designers explore the hidden and tactile connections between their seemingly different design objects.

The designer and his workshop

„Making gives the new ideas.”
Plié by Atelier is an experimental workshop that was established in 2012 by studio atelierarchitects and its two founders, Gergely Kiss-Gál and Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál, who are both young professional Hungarian architects.
The attitude and the drive of designer and maker Gergely Kiss-Gál is behind the philosophy of the newly founded workshop: his unique and innovative vision motivates him to experiment and to find new technologies or even to creatively integrate other profession’s technologies in furniture design or in architecture.
Plié by Atelier is now an existing space, with walls, floor and ceiling, where a special plant is set up with customized tools and unique shapes and models that enable the proper technological background to manufacture the brand new Plié collection.

The leader and main designer of the workshop is Gergely Kiss-Gál architect, founder of studio atelierarchitects and Plié by Atelier workshop. He graduated with Árkay Award in 2005 at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME). In 2009, he was an exhibitor as a competition winner in the Tokyo Designers Week, in Container Ground section. Then in 2011, he won the Moholy-Nagy László Design Scholarship, where he started the technological experimentation that is behind the Plié furniture collection. He is an artisan with integrated craftsmanship of invention in furniture and fashion in wood.

Technology and the process of development
The main idea behind the new furniture manufacturing technology popped up in 2011 to use folding as a familiar technique from even childhood experiences and put it in human scale.
The soul of the project is a laminated panel type that was invented by Gergely Kiss-Gál and Plié by Atelier workshop connecting different materials in layers. This panel type is rigid and stable, but also can assure the possibility of folding. Several prototypes and workshop experiments ended in a final, easily and efficiently produced panel type, mainly using rubber or felt as the flexible layer, while the plywood veneer mainly stays natural, or recycled composites refresh the structure and surface. The shape of the cut – its depth, width and angle – defines the angle of fold, for every collection piece Plié by Atelier designs individual tools and specially designed templates.

The Plié collection
“Ethereal, elegant, flexible, playful and individual”
The Plié collection is a result of a nearly two-year process of technological experiment with wood and the art of tailoring. The technique that was developed by Plié by Atelier workshop leader Gergely Kiss-Gál, compounds the act of creating furniture with simplicity, adding the uniqueness of tailor-made design. The soul of the project is a laminated panel type that was worked out in several experiments of connecting different material types in layers to create a flexible but stable structure. This blank canvas can hold any fashion. The vision was to mix the artisanship of tailoring with manufacturing furniture.

Constant value is the ergonomic character of human form and the elaboration of the object. To this, Plié collection attaches the presence of variable, multilayered functions, fresh and tailor-made form, playfulness, and interactivity.
The collection has now for pieces: the Grand Plié table, the Demi Plié coffee table, the Petit Plié bed table and the Pouf Plié stool. Of course, customized tailoring gives the final form of the piece, and like all great tailor-made products, every piece can be individual.