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The Plum Stool is a concept that organically combines structure, form and material into one. The aerodynamic form of the Plum Stool emulates the way that natural forms grow and evolve, always aiming for efficiency. The stool mimics this philosophy, but towards a seating surface.

The name Plum is a derivative of the word “Pluma” which translates “Feather”; hence, capturing the essence that by combining new material, form creation and structural logic, you can accomplish astonishing lightness. Advances in materials and manufacturing technologies are giving us a new freedom to create not from strict geometries, but from usability needs and sculptural approach.

For this reason the form of the stool is designed to have strategic ribs where pressure and weight will be applied. By building ribs with the material folds, the stool structure is able to accomplish maximum strength and lightness. Similar to the stem of a leaf, or the shaft of a feather, these ribs give additional resistance to pressure and compression.

Using state-of-the-art 21st-century material and technologies the stool would be made of tri-axial carbon fiber. This composite is capable of providing incredible strength five times greater than steel on an equal weight basis.

From a materials evolution perspective, we as human beings have always prioritized the relationship between high strength and low weight. Fibers such as wood, bamboo, skins, and other natural composites have provided strength through fixtures and additives. Only up to now, through integrating digital form creation and manufacturing technologies are we able to develop this kind of synergy between design, structure and material.

The Plum Stool was recently awarded the Red Dot Concept Design Award.