Plume is a streamlined, retracting mudguard which compliments the look of your bike.
It looks as good when it’s protecting your back from muddy street water, as it does when
recoiled and not needed.
Sick of the cheap plastic mudguards currently available, we decided to create a mudguard
which works well, doesn’t detract from your bikes good looks, and would be a challenge
break. What’s more, we’ve designed Plume so that it’s hard to steal, really hard.
Plume sits on your seat post, hidden in plain sight whilst poised and ready for action.
It uses resilient, street-tough materials (stainless steel and a flexible polymer) to create
a mudguard which you can pull out with one hand. When the sun comes out, press
the end of Plume and let it snap into its closed position. With a bit of practice, it’s even
possible to elongate and recoil Plume while riding. ONE
Plume will be raising money for tooling and production costs on KickStarter.com,
if you’d like to be one of the first to get your hands on Plume, you can back the project
now. Being that Plume was inspired by British weather, and developed closely alongside
numerous British craftsmen, we will be manufacturing our KickStarter production run in
England. We’ve had a blast developing the product up to now, and are incredibly excited
to get Plume protecting the butts of the world’s fellow cyclists.