We recently designed a collection of accessories for the Tallinn Leather Factory which includes two products that are meant to carry one`s everyday treasuries such as cash, cards and coins.

We were asked to create minimalist products that are simple to manufacture, easy to assemble and finish. Another goal was to minimise the waste to be as efficient as possible. We managed to come up with a design that can be easily die cut having basically no scrap material.

Plump Pouchie is constructed out of two pieces of leather that are then assembled with one connector screw. The holes on the bottom corners are small enough to prevent anything precious falling out but at the same time big enough for the dust and rubbish to escape the pouch to keep it clean all the time. It fits everything you need on the go – a bit of cash, up to 10 plastic cards, and lots of coins – all in one place.

Nude Porte Monnaie is made of a single piece of die cut leather that is then finished with two rivets that gives the entire product form and function. It holds up to 8-10 cards, plenty of cash and receipts. Since leather stretches according to what and how much is used in the wallet, it adjusts to the users needs in terms of card storage.

Both of the products come in three different colours – natural, brown and black.

The highest quality of vegetable tanned leather makes it strong and durable so that it will serve not only you but it will last through generations. Natural ageing is part of leather`s natural characteristics and over time it will become one with the user. 

It is available for purchase through our website including more information and photos of the products.

We Come In Form – www.wecomeinform.com