Representative JPG - Photo: Andrija Zelmanovi?
Bench image
System of modular distribution

Plupa is a wining entry made for
design competition for new urban gear of ex-port area,
organised by Pogledaj.to and Rijecki Val.

Site-specific urban furniture designed for the seafront in Rijeka, Croatia
visually merges two landscapes: the harbor and the city. Boat buoys
have been given a new urban function, they are fastened with steel
U-profiles to the base, so that users can change their positions and
colour composition.

Author concept

With this interactive bench we have tried to intervene in the former port area highlighting its transformation into the urban. Interaction is achieved through various capabilities of modular deployment of the bench elements. Using the element of boat fenders – bouoys, we tried to transfer it from its function as objects of everyday use and “maritime” features into the new urban context. Boat fenders are fastened with iron U-profiles in the substrate, and thus allow them to change position within the object space to be adaptable to the current user / users. With color (current object is the prototype) that occur through separate fenders we tried to refresh the former industrial space, and thereby connect the symbolism of Rijeka as a carnival town.

Plupa is a part of traveling exhibition Croatian Holiday – Design tourism http://designtourism.org/Plupa.

It was also a part of Ventura Lambarte – Salone del mobile 2012.