PlusMinus Stool, inside the workshop
PlusMinus Stool, copper leg and copper wire versions
PlusMinus is a stool intended to ground static electricity

design Alberto Fabbian
in collaboration with Antoniazzi & Piovesana and Navarini Rame

Photo credits: Paola Amabile

Materials: ash wood and copper.

Every day the human body is subjected to considerable amounts of electromagnetic waves.
PlusMinus is a stool intended to ground static electricity.
The object is composed by two parts: an insulating wooden structure of three legs to which is superimposed a flatbed with one leg (the fourth missing) in copper.
The properties of two materials (wood and copper) meet in a single object, providing it an unique identity.

Variation with a single copper wire mesh on the top of the stool, starting and returning to the same leg.