Always have your medicine at hand.
Take your pillcase on the go!
Great for vitamins and supplements!
The essentials for going out.
Fits everything you need.
great for on the go moments.
make your pills
great for storing headphones and keys
comfortable ergonomic grip

Pocketbuddy® redefines what an iPhone case should be by integrating a storage compartment, pill-carrying tray and slide-in card holder into a phone carrying case. Designed in Puerto Rico by Now Brands, this new product expands the iPhone 5/5s/5c experience by adding portability to many daily use articles. “In the same spirit of innovation, there was a need for a case that would protect the iPhone®, while at the same time enhancing the user’s lifestyle on the go”, said Enrique Peral, creative director and business manager at Pocketbuddy®. The Pocketbuddy® is a lightweight polycarbonate case, with ultrasonic seals for quality and durability, and a very attractive design. “The idea for the Pocketbuddy® arose out of the frustration of our mother. She would always use the alarm function on her iPhone® to remind her to take her medications, but then she would realize she didn’t have her medications with her”, says Marissa, Enrique’s sister and an industrial designer. Pocketbuddy® was born to solve a problem therefore expanding the iPhone’s experience by adding portability to medicine and many daily use articles.