In response to the shortage of amusement spaces aimed at children in big cities, this building arises as Pocoyó cartoons’ epicentre.

The design of this space harmonizes with the white and continuous Pocoyó virtual world where children play a leading role as well as the animated characters created to accompany Pocoyó.
The building blends in all these animated objects with colours and volumes together with a friendly atmosphere.

This building itself is a containing system made up of illuminated space capsules where a wide range of activities can be carried out so that the children can enjoy developing skills such as psychomotricity, creativity and ingenuity as well as the sensory awareness.

The bridge-form structure houses a clear and open space where the space capsules float surrounding the main figure of this virtual world (Pocoyó) which, besides its structural nature, hosts the main vertical communications such as stairs and even a amazing slide connecting the different spaces in the building.

Materials that are utilized are specially designed for the little ones so that they can be soft, adaptable and flexible as well as dynamic and cozy. The design of each space capsule has been specially performed to recall each of the most popular Pocoyó characters. Colours, volumes and other sort of characteristics have been created in harmony with how they look and act.

The building has an amazing media facade that interacts with its surroundings by the use of animated projections.

Offices, which are the creation and production engine, are placed in the highest floors. Furthermore, its lush green roof on top has a restaurant and a marvellous viewing gallery so that visitors can enjoy the best views of the city.

This project has been created by Sistemas Espaciales (association of two Architecture studios: A2arquitectos and MAYICE)
Marta Alonso, Imanol Calderón, Juan Manzanares, Cristian Santandreu