Podi-m for iPhone
Podi-m 's etched aluminum surfaces match the back of the iPhone 5
Podi-m perfectly compliments the iPad Mini
Podi-m in iPhone 5 styling

Podi-m is a beautiful iPhone dock that matches the styling and build quality of your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini. Its a dock thats more of a functional piece of art than a mere charging station, and is designed to perfectly match the styling of the iPhone- from the stainless trim of the iPhone 4 and 4s, to the beautiful bevel of the iPhone 5, it’s the first dock to match the built quality and beauty of your Apple device. The dock is as smart as it is beautiful- it’s machined from solid air craft grade aluminum and weighted by two steel discs inside the base, to ensure it stays put while undocking your phone. Podi-m gives your standard charging cable an exquisite new life. By using your existing 30 pin or Lightning charging cable, there’s no waiting around for Lightning connector availability. Each Podi-m includes standard 30-pin and Lightning connector adapters, allowing you to use your existing charging cables and giving you the freedom to upgrade your device at any time. Podi-m launches on Kickstarter Tuesday Nov 13, and is seeking $30,000 in funding. If funding is achieved, the first 500 Podi-m’s will ship in time for the holidays.