Ipad case detail
Angle of flexion is reduced by 10 degrees with Poise as compared to a normal case
The case can fold up and provide viewing angles of 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 degrees
Horizontal lap elevation
The case folds into a flat form and hence provides increased portability
The camera can be used while the tablet is in the case
Vertical viewing angle of 75 degrees
Ipad mini vertical viewing position
iPad mini horizontal viewing position
Ipad mini being used

Poise is my Master Thesis project (Aug-Nov 2012) done at Domus Academy in collaboration with the company Tucano. Owing to the recent popularity of tablet computing, we have seen a great increase in tablet use. We have all noticed or experienced that more than often the favourite postures for using these tablets do not involve a chair or a table. Most of us like to put it in our lap or lie down and use our tablets. This leads to a high degree of neck and shoulder flexion which ultimately would cause pain and create unfavourable ergonomic conditions

With Poise, I have tried to tackle this problem by incorporating an ergonomic solution in the iPad case itself. The case folds up and becomes a small table that fits in between the lap and increases the base height of the iPad to reduce neck flexion. The case also folds up and provides 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 degree angles for use.

Along with the iPad case, a smaller case has also been designed for iPad mini. We have all seen and heard that the iPad mini is so small that it can easily be held in one hand. If we actually do try to hold it in one hand for longer periods of time, it tends to get uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The cover for iPad mini folds up to provide a grip in vertical and horizontal position for the user.

The case is made out of an inner structure of acrylic sheet and is sanwiched between Alcantara Fabric (a very durable and eco friendly materials often used in car interiors).