The “pond” is like the mirror in the water, a lake where the colors merge gradually one with the other creating a dynamic dream in wool and silk. A color palette related to our surroundings that coexist together, sometimes that can be very vivid and colourful and sometimes relaxing and calming where the colors shades to others.

For me the approach to the rug field, is like another project. I like to push the limits inside the companies; sometimes they are cultural or sometimes technical. I like to redesign them to grow both the company and myself together in some way.

My collaboration with Chevalier Edition, I would describe it as a long and beautiful dance. I met Camille 2 years ago before we starting to work on the project. We dialogue and share a lot, sometimes about process, colors, textures, etc… After a while, the idea of the collection came out in a very natural way.

Pond is a collection of carpets produced by Chevalier Edition launched in 2016 during the Salone del Mobile in Milan using the hand tufted technique and manufactured in a factory in India. Each model is available in 3 colors and 3 sizes.



Press preview Credenza, Spazio Pontaccio