Brand image restructuring; with a concept of visual integration into brand values as innovation and audacity. Since our inception, the goal of Yoho was to design and create extraordinary products for ordinary needs. We produce high temperature ceramic objects. Our philosophy, our products are always innovative. Yoho is the point where the contrasts are: vivid and neutral colors, clays and glazes, smooth and textures, organic and artificial, formal and playful. Also, converge Latin and global features, always with a contemporary aesthetic and constantly changing. We are an independent design studio created in 2010 and headquartered in Mexico City. We have a pottery workshop in Xochicalco, Morelos. Yoho is a word of Otomi origin that means “two”, as the number of members who started and gave life to the project. In Yoho we have values like boldness, simplicity and elegance. And a particular vision to meet the needs of each project.

Photography: Leonel Samano
Art Direction: Karen Guerrero
Design: Manuel Estrada
Mexican design and innovation



Donburi (Japanese - Bowls)

Donburi - Hach - Noho (Bowls - small bowls - oil vessel)

Hach - Piggy (small bowls - Piggybank)

Pisa - Noho & Xi (Vase - Oil & Vinager vessels)

Kiiw - Leets' - Hach - Pisa (Decanter - candleholder - samll bowls - Vase)

Pisa - Noho & Xi - Leets' - Hach (Vase - Oil & Vinager vessels - candleholder - small bowl)


Dömdo (Pot)

Ch'ooy  (pots set)