main front
before renovation
main room final appearance
outdoor interaction
ritual ablution facility
front wall

Interior is located inside former industrial building. The project was commissioned by Muslim community of Bosnian immigrants, permanently residing in Zurich/Switzerland. Design is steered by a notion that conventional form of sacral spaces has an important symbolic function related to collective memory. The major challenge was to create a design which can be recognized as conventionally sacral by the community, while clearly achieving a character of contemporaneity. General spatial organization has been determined by placing a box-like, ritual-ablution facility inside elongated industrial hall, in order to introduce new sequences of space – matching those in a traditional mosque. Porous wooden elements have been placed over windows, not only to make an introvert atmosphere necessary for prayer and contemplation, but also to interact with the surrounding outdoor enviroment and emphasize a change of function. The final result is a place that reflects toward the community by introducing a feeling that they belong somewhere, rather than nowhere.