Trona is the only floating armchair in the market which is also used outside the water. Closed on its base, it’s perfect for outdoor furniture; on the beach, swimming pool, in the garden: an endlessly modular system. Open it’s an elegant floating armchair, beautiful, comfortable and safe.

A fashion and young line, inspired to the concept of pure design, which is typical of a really innovative product: a floating armchair in all its functions. Trona is the OUTDOOR furnishing, comfortable chair for sunbathing, floating armchair and mattress, a simple act and Trona changes its function always with the maximum comfort and an endless series of accessories. The only thing which stays always the same is its beauty. Also in XS versions for children…

Trona hangs over perfectly during time, inside and outside water because it has a completely removable fabric and it’s produced with materials suitable for being always open air, water-repellent, anti-spot, anti-mould, resistant against sun light and atmospheric agents.

Besides, it also can be personalized with any four-colour logo.

Trona is a patented and guaranteed product, 100% made in Italy.