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Pressed wood black


PRESSED WOOD BLACK by Johannes Hemann

Industry Gallery presented “Pressed wood black” by German Designer Johannes Hemann at Design Days Dubai this month.

The series „pressed wood“ is based on the traditional technique of bent wood, but I took this idea a few steps further and combined it with pressure to get a different look. The first step is to put pressure on fresh cut wood and divide it into its fibres. Thereafter the traditional bending technique is being used: steaming the wood and bending it into moulds.

Finally the fibrous wood with glue being pressed into the mold. Due to the wood being divided into its fibres, it is possible to achieve much smaller radii or to change the nature round base to a rectangular profile, for example, or any other shape that might follow For this series I am using U shaped bases which are combined to make a table and a stool by combining 2 U shaped branches with glass or a leather/ wood combination. The light is totally shaped from fibrous wood. The parts are stained in black.

stool: beech, leather 30 x 30 x 50cm

side table: beech, tinted glass ø 50cm , height 55cm

table light: spruce ø 17cm, height 45cm

floor light spruce ø 36cm, height 165cm

All information and images by Johannes Hemann

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