Printed Habitat - interior design system built with 3D printing technology - vtop view of the separating wall

The “Printed Habitat” project is an interior design system built with 3D printing technology. It allows people to create their made to measure interiors depending on their needs and constraints, combining walls, furnitures and technical fit-outs.
It has been built scale one in January at Voxeljet’s facilities in Germany with their 3D printing technology, it’s a 5 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, and 2,2 meters high prototype. It has been supported by a french organization called VIA and has been presented in Paris and Milano furnitures fairs in 2013.
The parametric design approach of the project aims to show how digital conception and fabrication can change the way we will conceive our living spaces in the next years.

You can find other pictures of the project here :