Private Ice is a celebration of silent beauties, ephemeral glimpes of time oscillating in between grace and gravity.
To materialise those sensations, I play with the meaning of my shapes, volumes and materials, inviting a dialogue between juxtaposed materials, the object and the body.


I consider my pieces as wearable objects that we could either hang on a wall as an intimate object/sculpture since it as been made for the body. Or, give it life by wearing it and creating a direct dialogue with the body. I see my work as contemporary ornamentations that celebrate feelings and sensations that I aim to explore. It is about delicate variations where concept and aesthetic are linked. Each material, colour and shape has a particular meaning to give specific tone to a piece. The idea is to find the balance in between lightness and gravity by designing with a pure, simple, but strong aesthetic.

Contemporary jewellery nowadays is in a difficult situation to the benefit of fashion and accessories consumerism. Of course I don’t denigrate it and have my self a more sellable collection that I include in those categories. But contemporary jewellery is not just about good compositions of colours and shapes. It about materials, perception, feeling and dialogue.
By introducing it to the world of art and design, I am now trying to show to the public what is contemporary art jewellery design nowadays, and that precious materials are not or shouldn’t be a token for quality anymore.

I let you have a look to my web site : www.marinastanimirovic.com
Thank you very much for your attention. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Yours faithfully,