designers Petr Mikosek &  Stepan Kuklik
table no. 05
table no. 04
table no. 03
table no. 02
table no. 01
table no. 06
table no. 07

Designers collection of a new range of Ping-Pong Tables. Each piece has an unique design and material execution. New forms brings a different perspective onto this classic game. A gap in the tabletop instead of ordinary net or transparent acrylic tunnel which lets you play over the sides or top. Compact sizes are perfectly suitable to adjust the tables in small flats, offices, clubs, bars and relax zones. A brand new experience brings the interactive version. Laser sensors and projection mapping visualy interacts with ping-pong ball.

Petr Mikosek / BOADESIGN Studio, Stepan Kuklik / Artcore Studio, Amar Mulabegovic / The Macula.