Projecteo projection
Projecteo wheel housing personalized 35mm film slide

Projecteo is a miniature slide projector for your Instagrams.

1. Sign in with Instagram and pick nine of your favourite images.
2. We develop them on to a single frame of 35mm slide film which is inserted into a small black wheel
3. Your Projecteo and wheel of images will arrive together in the post.

Using our unique process, we develop your Instagrams on to a single frame of 35mm Kodak film which we cut and set into a custom wheel. Each wheel holds nine images and is easily replaceable. Multiple wheels are also stackable for easy storage.

A Projector unit is $25.99 and extra wheels are $8.99 each.

It’s best to use Projecteo in a dark space and project onto a lightly coloured surface. Projecteo can project anywhere between 4 and 50cm depending on how light it is.

A single Projecteo measures 46 x 38 x 27 mm and each wheel is 33mm in diameter. A projector and wheel weighs in at a whopping 1.2oz.