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Hello, My name is Jordan Bradley. I am a budding Interaction Designer from Wilmington, Delaware. I’m currently finishing up my senior year of high school and plan to study Interaction Design next year in college. I know Moco Loco doesn’t focus specifically on websites, but I hope you find interest, fun, and above all, good minimalist design in my project. Perhaps it will be worthy of a link back or small article on Moco Loco. Enjoy:


What if 85% of everyone who had a good day today shared tons of the same tiny things in common. For example, what if 85% of everyone who considered their day “good” today had eggs for breakfast, or texted their brother first thing. ProjectGoodDay is a survey based data visualization web app that offers a fun way to discover the unique similarities between people who had a good day so that a user may be inspired to learn more about what makes a good day for themselves. On the website, users are encouraged to tweet items from the “GoodDay List” – a dynamic list of things one should do to have a good day. The list is based on the most popular results from various survey questions. Currently, ProjectGoodDay runs statistics on responses from approximately 40 questions exploring factors that could affect a person’s day. Soon, ProjectGoodDay will present data on responses to thousands of questions that target many aspects of a person’s day. To contribute, a user will click “Share a GoodDay” and shuffle through questions to answer– some of them funny and cute, others of them odd and interesting. After contributing, every user is invited to join the One Million GoodDays challenge. The challenge asks them to share on a friend’s Facebook wall a video describing how great of a day they had. Facebook users will tag ProjectGoodDay in the post, contributing to what will become a gallery collection of one million photos and videos describing good days everywhere. Some videos will be hilarious and light-hearted, describing the tiny things that made one’s day incredible, while others will be truly uplifting, describing a real triumph of the day. Either way, ProjectGoodDay is made to encourage people to make the best out of each day.

So far I have submitted GoodDay to several design websites but so far (hopefully not for long!) has only been visible on the design/culture site GOOD.is (http://finder.good.is/13333-goodday-tells-you-exactly-what-you-should-do-in-order-to) prominently for about 24 hours (yesterday). I hope to get more hits so that I can share GoodDay with the world.

Currently, ProjectGoodDay is in beta. It works best with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

ProjectGoodDay is Made by Jordan Bradley

I am always inspired by design/technology and peoples’ interactions with them from a social perspective, which is why I built GoodDay. I encourage you to check out my project and see its potential as a novel, interesting, and fun way for Moco Loco readers to learn more about what makes a good day in their individual lives and share their optimism and good spirit with others. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or feedback concerning ProjectGoodDay and features I plan to had soon.

Jordan Bradley
1005 Linda Road
Wilmington, Delaware, 19810

phone: 267-977-2869
email: jordan@jbrad.me
twitter: @imjbrad