Protection project
duriban 2

[Protection Project]
We intended to bring the aesthetics of Korean tradition into our everyday lives to bring the public’s attention to traditional beauty. We also wanted to design furniture for children that should be joyful and convenient to use. Our intention to revive the aesthetics of tradition and take care of children, the users of the furniture, at the same time is associated with the design concept of this project, that is, ‘Protection’. The concept of protection in regard to furniture implies taking care of the users. That means that the children completely safe from injury of any kind and emotionally supported through play using the furniture.
For this end, various elements of each piece of furniture, such as the structure, materials, method of play, form, and lines, are metaphors of traditional aesthetics.

1. BAN-JANG (closet)
The corner ornament which supports the structure of traditional furniture is a motif for corners made of soft and thick fabric to protect children from corners of the wardrobe.
Size (WxDxHmm) : 720 x 420 x 1020(H)mm
Material : Felt, Birch

2. DURIBAN (table)
The dureong-chima, a skirt used to wrap around bellies of babies, is a motif for the table for children; the edge is materialized as fabric so that children’s encounter furniture is like an embrace of something warm.
-Duriban 1
Size (WxDxHmm) : 750 x 750 x 500(H)mm
Material : Birch, Steel, Quilted cotton, Felt
-Duriban 2
Size (WxDxHmm) : 550 x 550 x 250(H)mm
Material : Birch, Steel, Quilted cotton, Felt

3. GICHA (train stool)
The train is a motif for chairs connected like train cars so that children can play around their own space
Size (WxDxHmm) : 400 x 330 x 430(H)mm (SH: 280)
Material : Plywood, Fabric, Steel

4. AHYE (bed for kids)
This bed is designed after curves of unhye and danghye, traditional Korean shoes, allowing children to sleep alone feeling as if they are in the warm protection and tender love of their mothers.
Size (WxDxHmm) : 1700 x 800 x 1050(H)mm (SH: 380)
Material : Maple, EVA

Credit ;
furniture designed and manufactured by Kamkam,
picture by Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation