The main source of inspiration for creating a chair was the conceptual design system invented by El Lissitzky under the name – Proun – “project of approving the new” to denote an artistic theory that combines the idea of a geometric plane with the laws of constructive construction of volumetric forms.

The shape of the chair as a translation from the Suprematist composition into volumetric forms. The combination of geometric planes with three-dimensional objects, create dynamic structures floating into space, having neither top nor bottom, turning planes into volume and interpenetrating into each other, solve the problem of creating a plastic concept of the relationship of an object with space.

A single color combines the details of the chair, only the textures hint at the density and quality of the material – glossy metal and matte velvet.

Designed: Katia Tolstykh

Material: Painted metal sheet, Velvet

Dimensions: H: 82cm; W: 44cm

Year: 2018