I’m sending you my own latest (non-commercial) work – in attachment – in low-res.
„Ptaszarnia” – the first (November) part of the 12-part collection of interiors and furniture, in addition to my job in the Wamhouse” .
The collection “XII” will consist of 12 thematic interior designs, together with furniture and fittings, which in each part will be interconnected, not only in terms of style, but also by name. Each subsequent design will be created within one month, and the entire collection will take one year to create. These will not be interiors made to a specific order, but it will be possible to order a specific interior design in the form of adaptation of the selected part of the collection, on the basis of exclusivity.The project “Ptaszarnia” includes the armchair “Ptaszek” and the hanging lamp “Ptasina” .

Maybe you’ll like.
If you are interested in this project, please let me know

Best Regards
Karina Wiciak