Subject: Publishing my book with title of “Let’s save humans’ life with good design“.
Dear Sir/Maam,
I, Mohsen Jaafarnia , PhD , am a design researcher in the field of product design. I wrote three books which are solely related to design field. The title of the books are “Thought engineering” which is about creativity in design (published on 2005), “form and space in industrial design” (published on 2007), and the latest book is “Let’s save humans’ life with good design” which I request you to put its link in your web site for readers. The link is:
The latest book “Let’s save humans’ life with good design“ is very special for the reason that it talks about the need, automation and anti-autosin which users of products come across, throughout their lives. Needs, station of needs, their importance, their effects on product design and future of automation, are the very things that designers must take into consideration to build a good, sustainable and healthy life for its users.
This book highlights the areas, as to when the needs of users should be met through the level of automation and at what point does the elucidation of those needs becomes detrimental for the users. It also speaks about the future of automation, what ensues to future generations and at the end delivers solution through anti-autosin, which includes rectifying the products’ error.
More importantly, in this book I have coined a new term, that is “Anti-autosin” which is very new to the world. Additionally, this book contains a section which is in response to solve the puzzle set by Mr. Stanley Kubrick in his mysterious movie ( name of movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey) 44 years back, I could solve the puzzle through giving emphasis on speaking about error of automation and end of human’s life.
Considering all these facts, it is important for me to publish this book with a reputed web site like you. Last but not least, the book is related to saving the life of people and also give this new approach of design. The target group of this book is designers, students and professors, whoever works in field of design and Design Education.
Hope, my book would be very related to your filed.
Waiting for your reply
With Regards
Mohsen Jaafarnia
PhD in Product design