Pugio - doors open
Pugio - gold on gold
Pugio - gold with seated lady
Pugio - Hinge detail
Pugio - shield colours

PUGIO is a cabinet inspired by the ancient civilisations of Rome (Pugio was a dagger used by Roman soldiers as a side arm), Egypt, China & Medieval Europe – the main theme running throughout being that of the armour they used. It seeks to bring to life the timeless qualities of the ancients through the typology of furniture which can be used in the modern environment.

Each PUGIO No.1 is constructed from solid ebonised ash, adorned with solid metal shields, finished in a choice of 4 colours. All handles and hinges are custom made from – aluminium and stainless steel. The interior features a central drawer which is finished with a solid metal fluted plate front and turned metal handle – all chrome plated. To finish, all inside panels are covered with high quality leather.