Puppet Chair for Kvadrat / Hallingdal 65 Exhibition
The Puppet Chair is designed by the principle ‘Extra Simple Object’; objects that offer a lifestyle in which to understand and make an object, is important.
A piece of cloth held in four points transforms into a simple and magical chair, which floats and moves like a puppet. We often forget that the beauty of objects can be solved with basic resources. In this case the Hallingdal textile is directly the chair.
Objects are usually designed to be used, but sometimes the objects they take control of us.
We made a small model in the study and hung near the window. The wind was moving the fabric and the chair seemed to be alive. I think this project is very close to Kvadrat product-philosophy in which the material, quality of fabric and colors are the stars, without artifice or ornaments.
When you sit on it you have an experience of feeling the weightlessness. The chair comes in a simple pack easy to assemble.
Design Martín Azúa
Photographies Martín Azúa, video Press Rec