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The puxxle is a puzzle of 2x2cm vinyl adhesive pixels that one can stick on various types of surface. Pixel by pixel, you can discover the characters we propose or if you are of the brave kind, create your own.

Some question about puxxle project and us:

How did Puxxle first get started? What was the inspiration?
The inspiration stems from our childhood. From when we were really young
we loved games, puzzles and with the appearance of the spectrum (thanks to
our two older brothers) we discovered a whole new world. Our inspiration
comes above all from SimCity2000, one of our favorite games. The
puxxle-idea came up for the first time, when we decorated the wall of our
studio. We had been drawing in pixel for years and we wanted to express
that in the studio – on its walls. This led to the idea to make the
designs in vinyl and to put them on walls and doors so that they interact
with the space. Many people have been working in representing reality (3D)
in a two-dimensional digital way. Why not do the opposite? To represent
the pixelized 2D universe of the screen in the real 3D-world is a normal
process. The Puxxle is a project that explores this dimension that creates
an experience … maybe the dimension of our generation, the 2.5D.

Design process
The square is the limit … the colored squares have the potential that
allows us to construct without limits. Until now, everything that we have
drawn are things that we like; above all we have to appreciate their
interaction with the space! Either a crocodile that eats a power outlet or
an owl that doesn’t scare but illuminate us.