Hello we are 3 young designers and we have designed and produced an house for cats. Design and functionality are new the house cat is made ??of poplar wood and painted with natural paint and it is totally biodegradable. We would be grateful if you could talk about our product. The design was carried out by us and all the production is all here in Rome, Italy.
We have also developed a website if you want to see it: www.qcha.it

Best regards,
Daniela Ogis, Stefano Ogis, Fabrizio Fillo.


Qcha is a unique cat home previewed at the outside furniture exhibition SUN 2012
in Rimini and SuperCat Show 2012 in Rome. It is characterized by large openings and a
transparent wall to create a secure and welcoming environment. Its design is essential, modern
and playful. Available in many colours it becomes a piece of furniture in any room,
indoor or outdoor.
Qcha is modular: you can add pieces one above the other and each module can rotate
40 degrees allowing a free composition and creating steps where the cat can climb up.
The holes are opened on the floor and ceiling, allowing the cat to pass through from one floor to another. An house cat and a place to play at the same time!
Qcha is made of poplar wood and painted with natural paint to provide a healthy environment and the maximum respect for nature.
Inside a soft carpet will ensure good naps to our beloved cats!
Qcha is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.