Qumran- a series of Porcelain Vases

From the dawn of time when mankind began to create tools and art, ceramics hold within itself the magic of ancient creation, one of the first technologies invented. The modern use of molds allows us to cast a new meaning into the archetypical object – the vase – creating the “Qumran”, a mirror to the past through the breaking of the modern mold.

The ceramic fluid is cast into the mold, copying its surface. The act of breaking the mold creates cracks and negative apertures, in which the fluidic ceramic seeps – decorating the vase with unique ornaments, granting it its own private history. Like an excavated, ancient vase, uncovered piece by piece, the ‘Qumran’ is revealed while being extracted from its mold, telling not the story of the Roman Empire or of Ancient Greece, but one of its own creation.

The series presents five vases, all created from the same continuously broken mold with each casting. From the first vase, whole and clean, to the last, defected and dirty, this series examines the concept of beauty through destruction, defying the idea of perfection. The damage the mold endures shows us aesthetics in which the artist lets go of control, allowing other forces of chance, nature and the divine to take over.


from whole to broken

vase 1

vase 2

vase 3

vase 4

vase 5

the revealing of the vase from the broken mold

the broken mold