About Ramirez:
This bookcase was designed by the creative team of Mob (Jesus Irizar, Lucia Soto and Andrea Flores.) It is the second piece of the collection entitled Mob: Hecho a mano (Mob: Handmade).
The new collection is titled Mob: Hecho a mano (Mob: Handcrafted). This collection is the result of joint work of artisans and designers. We believe that one of the most important parts of our design process is the feedback we receive from the carpenters, weavers, potters and other partners with whom we work, we rely on their experience and this is directly reflected in the quality of our pieces.
We know that as designers we have the obligation to reduce the environmental impact of our products, that is why we decided to work with national woods certified with ISO 14000, clean natural finishes, wood chips, natural glues and we especially put a lot of attention in the quality of our pieces ensuring a long life for each one, thus encouraging responsible purchasing.
Each piece of the new collection has its own personality, a number of traits that make it unique, while the entire collection forms a family of objects.
Ramirez is a low bookcase that can function as a room divider. This piece seems to be moving constantly, surrounded by diagonals it creates an optical effect where we feel that the shelves are always ready to fold, as if floating.
It is interesting to see through it from either side as we remember the feeling of being over a bridge.
Measurements: 230cm x 138cm high x versus 33.5 cm wide. Materials: Solid wood Walnut. Finish: Bees wax developed and produced in Yautepec de Morelos. We manufacture in different woods as Tzalam, Ash or Walnut.