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RAR Frames

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Our new product, RAR Frames, would be a fun story for you to share with your audience.

RAR Frames short for record + art + rack are designed to allow the graphic art of 12″ LP records to be displayed on your wall while still allowing the musical art of the same LP to be enjoyed on your turntable. Records slide in and out of the frames through a fitted slit on the side transforming covers into wall art. After being slid in to enjoy the graphic art the same LP’s slide out to be played on a turntable with a simple swipe of the hand.

Like some of our favorite songs, RAR Frames are simple, but they provide the opportunity for the art packaged in an LP to be enjoyed in its entirety. RAR Frames will create talking points wherever they are hung. The discussion will depend on what record they are holding.

DESIGN POINTS: Built from hand selected walnut wood Clean, sharp, modern edges Dimensions comfortably hug 12″ LP’s Modular design Hand crafted in Portland, OR

RAR Frames are currently being funded and available for pre-order on KICKSTARTER





Please take a look at and feel free to use any of our attachments, images, or text in this message or online.

Thanks, Todd Phillips | designer of RAR Frames 503-952-6210

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