The automobile starts with the simple task to move us from one point to another. Anything extra is purely for our personal comfort and enjoyment. It has very little to do with getting us somewhere.
It’s an exercise in creating a capable vehicle with really common parts. I want to go back to the drive, when the drive was enough. No frills, no extras, just the things that we need to get around and to get us around anywhere we need too.
Starting over, asking why questions, and wondering at everything takes you to a new place.
First, we rode horses, then in buggies behind a horse, the engine replaces horse,… the horseless carriage began.
We formed a great team of hot-rodder’s, race drivers, builders, and engineers, to create a new vehicle with outrageous ambitions.
The frame, geometry, axles, suspension, are all new and designed to what they needed to be. There are not off the shelf parts to build something like this. 

some specs.

Mid-engine, long travel, independent suspension, 383 small block, turbo 400 trans, 40″ tires, 8.8 independent rear, rear locker, 26″ travel front and rear, winch, 470hp, 126” wheel base, 60″ tall, 14’ tip to tip

photo credits, Dean Van Dis