This project is about the different stages of possession. Is a recollection a possession?
Is a possession something that is tangible or could it also be a recollection of something you have seen before? You have different stages of possession.

Frequently I visit various museums to admire their collection of paintings.
After admiring the collection, I visit the souvenir store where they usually sell postcards. I buy postcards from the paintings that made the biggest impression on me. I could never afford the painting itself, but I can afford a memento of this.
Next to the postcard I also got the intangible beautiful recollection of this painting in my head.

For the exhibition ‘Objects for sale’ (during the DDW Eindhoven) I want to use these different stages of possession to design three different kinds of products.
The first phase is designed as a tangible object. The second phase is the recollection of the tangible object designed as a 2D shape.
The third phase is designed in a digital shape like a collage movie.
All the phases represent different ways in which you can see the tangible object.
They all represent my way of working and looking at things.

The project in the pictures is the 2D representation of the tangible object in the shape of a collage.

Produced by a pressing technique called rubber pressing.
I used a pressing machine that is normally used in the car industry and made myself a small
rubber pressing machine. All the plates are pressed at my studio and the collages are available in 4 different materials and in two different collage settings. The nice thing about this technique if you don’t press at the maximum weight is that the metal behaves itself like water, the metal gets a soft look. You don’t get the perfect copy, but a copy with a metal waving texture.

The collages is the recollection of the original product in a 2D shape.

Limited edition of 25 pieces (each collage, each material)
Materials: Aluminum/ Copper/ Brass/ Tin-plate
For more information please check my website: www.susannedegraef.nl

(the movie does not have English subtitles yet, it is Dutch spoken. I’m working on the subtitles)
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