About the Project

I’ve been an artist and motorcyclist my entire adult life but the two only recently converged to create reCycle Clocks.

Always a lover of cool metal stuff, I’ve decorated my house with rusted wrenches and vintage hubcaps. So when my partner brought me an old motorcycle rotor from his friend’s shop, I saw right away that it would make a cool clock.

reCycle Clocks was born.

Each of these clocks is a work of love. First, I spend days driving around to motorcycle shops, sweet-talking mechanics and trying to beat the scrap metal guy, to find interesting pieces to recycle. Then I hit a huge circuit of thrift stores looking for just the right backings to use.

After I’ve collected a box of stuff, I spend another couple days soaking, cleaning and polishing every piece before it goes to my workbench. Recently, I’ve started painting and powder-coating parts for some great new effects.

Then the fun of visualizing begins. I try lots of different combinations until the right parts meet each other….next comes the drilling, filing, bolting and wrenching.

Finally, I select just the right clock hands to add the finishing touch and a battery to bring it to life.