A rug made out of recycled t-shirts from friends, secondhand and markets. The t-shirts are reused into a modern soft rag rug sewn together by hand. The t-shirts are more or less torn, giving a gradient in black that contributes to a feeling of depth. It’s soft to walk on with a thickness of 2,5cm and evokes a feeling to lie down and feel the material against your cheek.
The technique is developed by the designer herself in a way where you press the textile together and sew it to stay adding more and more material. The technique in it self is very simple but the result is sophisticated.

The diameter is 120cm and the pattern that looks like lava makes your living room alive.

Kajsa Willner the designer is original from Sweden but has studied in Italy where she lived in Rom and Milan for some years. She has also lived in the Netherlands (Eindhoven) and made internship and worked for a designer and a company. Recently she moved back to Sweden and are now staying in the brand new collective with is a mix of musicians, graphic designers, a glas artists and her.
For her design is about finding a unique expression applied to an object. Designing green is something that she believe in and try to achieve in her design as much as she can.