When I created this idea I thought about my childhood when I took any thing that reflects lights and played with a sunbeam.

This lamp consider 2 senses: feeling and seeing.You feel the thin and smooth shape and convenient use. You see a beautiful structure and lighting effect.

The idea of my lamp inspires creativity. You catch a sunbeam or any lights around it and it reflects at the subject you want. It’s a special lighting because of its ability to light up the objects you need, even when its being switched off. This is possible due to the double sided adjustable mirror on its beam, which catches and reflects any light around it. One side of the mirror is simple and another side with lens. Also, it’s equipped with a special shelve-bookmark for your favorite book. To switch it on, it’s enough to turn around a shelf. Or you can close the cover on the base and the lamp can be a night lamp. The materials of my lamp are artificial stone or concrete which transmits light at the base with wooden handle and mirror on the end.