Mohagony and Acrylic Laser Cut Cabinet Regina From HenningMade

Studio Henningmade is the studio of Sven Hulsbergen Henning which uses modern materials and technology to reinvent the art of master craftsmanship. The studio has a background in architecture and has recently started with the design and production of exclusive furniture which stands between art and design. Composition is the architecture of art. Its the way the mind organizes space through squares, triangles and circles.

Architecture is historically considered the mother of art because it was the carrier of figurative art. It’s the plan underlying an image or story; a mathematical canvas loaded with symbolism. This plan organizes the image of intangible and complex, often metaphysical, human relations concerning life or death. The importance of these relations was emphasized by the epic amount of effort that was necessary for the creation of antique masterpieces. Only this cocktail of ingredients can humble man while he experiences a joyful power to fully grasp the extraordinary universe he is a part of.

This coexistence of humility and power, we believe, is the essence of beauty. Artistic attempts reminiscent to this kind of cocktail are few in contemporary design probably due to the fact that most of these efforts where driven by power and religion combined. Although this combination may be considered politically ‘incorrect’ nowadays it doesn’t take anything away from the relevance of these aesthetic achievements. Not wanting to fall back on pictorial storytelling we decided to combine the primary geometry of classic composition with the irregular and expressive behavior of geometry found in nature. Primary geometry always has some symbolic content but its universal and not explicit.

Patterns of growth and decay evolve from the primeval process of all things transforming and shaping each other hence connecting them. Like the figurative component of the cocktail they are expressions of relations, life and death. They show force and fragility without any reference to politics or religion. Furthermore we took great effort in pulling the entanglement of the artificial and natural all through every aspect of the design and production;

The Regina Cabinet

The Regina cabinet is a objet d’art handmade from multiple layers of lasercut mahogany and acrylic panels with stainless steel fittings.

The interior of the cabinet reveals the grid which is consistently present throughout the design. The ribbed inner construction pierces the polished mahogany skin.The matted and polished acrylic layers play with the light resulting in continuously changing reflections and subtle contrast. The stainless steel fittings create shimmering highlights.

The base construction radiates from the center of the cabinet. Although composed from distinctive geometrical shapes all elements are strongly intertwined by composition and detail.

Regina is handmade, numbered and signed.
Dim: 120x60x180cm (wxdxh)

Photos: Sven Hulsbergen Henning


Regina Exterior

Regina Interior

Matted and Polished Acrylic Panels

The construction radiates from the center

Raylights playing with the white doors