Clear, Regio L3
Clear and Red, Regio L3
Clear and Black, Regio L3
Living Room. CLear, Regio L3
ICFF 2013, Black Regio L3
ICFF 2013, Black Regio L3

Air Like No Other.

Teamed up since elementary school, Juan Biancardi and Eric Di Falco are two designers who share a de facto attraction for raw artistry and ingenuity that pushes the envelope of common expression. Beyond the handcrafted surfaces and innovative aerodynamics, the intrinsic character of their latest creation, delivers that absorbing feeling in the space that enhances the association of functional and modern living.

The specially engineered wing allows for our fans to deliver more air flow than any fan in its class size, in addition, a more laminar flow, translates in less drag, less noise and therefore, less power consumption.