Before its renovation, the apartment was divided in many different separated spaces by several layers of materials and modifications. The design team decided to change the entire layout by removing such additions. The barrel-vaulted ceiling was revealed, and the original windows were restored in order to evoke the heritage of this apartment.

The dwelling is located in one of the most iconic spots of El Carmen, Valencia’s old town district, in a modernist building of XX century with views to the ancient gates of the city. The apartment, designed by rh studio, serves as a holiday residence for a German family of Spanish descent.

The entrance hall carefully divides the dwelling in order to create two different areas regarding its functions: day and night areas. A 4 meters sliding glass door separates the living-dining room and the kitchen, providing an overview of all the balconies and the restored vaulted brick ceiling. The walls have been painted in white not only to increase the natural lighting effect, but also to get a contrast with the wooden floor. It provides a natural comfort to the composition.

The entrance walls are made of white wooden panels, which helps to hide doors and built-in closets, giving a smooth finishing. Technical floors evoking hydraulic ceramics are placed in both bathrooms, playing with several patterns and colours.

Materials employed were mainly natural and eco-friendly, in order to increase the feeling of wellbeing. Moreover, inhibitors of current were used to hold back the electromagnetic fields. In this way, no signal pass through the apartment, isolating it from the city bustle.


The barrel-vaulted ceiling in a fan shape is revealed in the living room

The wooden floor and the battle-vaulted ceiling integrates the kitchen with the living room

The balcony in the kitchen is the best place for breakfast

The rooms have built-in closets with slide wooden doors form floor to ceiling

The entrance hall receives daylight for a retro glass door

The bathrooms floor is made of Italian flooring simulating hydraulic ceramics

White wooden panels walls hide doors and closets in the hall

Suspended linear lighting illuminates the kitchen working areas

A 4 meters sliding glass door separates the kitchen from the living room.

Natural floors and organic paint dresses the house