front view with cushions
3/4 view with cushions
3/4 view with cushions 2
3/4 view without cushions
back side view
side view
low tables
detail view
concept rendering + drawing
concept drawing

info :
Japanese milan-based designer Hiroomi Tahara (www.hiroomitahara.com) have presented new rattan furniture collection
at salone satellite 2012 during milan design week 2012.

name of project :
‘relation’ collection by Hioomi Tahara

Name of manufacturer :
It will become in production from Yamakwa Rattan

Name of photographer :
Lorenzo Nencioni

Concept (english)
The main characteristic of this collection is the leg structure.
This unique leg structure looks like it is made in a single piece.
However, this structure is made with the combination of fine metal tubes and the surface is woven with rattan. For this reason, you can create unique forms without molding.

This relation of thin structure creates unique forms and yet maintaining a tough structure.
This can be said about human society as well.
I myself survive through life with the support from many people too.
The origin of this concept is my appreciation to those who have and keep on supporting me.