The King - Chair - Made by Giorgio Cabiddu, Pasquale Onofrio and Federica Zampese

Dear editor of MOCO LOCO,
the content of the 80*120 project might be interesting for you to be publish. Please, find the press release on: http://goo.gl/ecm5n
You will find it also on our web site: http://goo.gl/yif2e
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Best regard.
Alessandro Grella per Izmo

Arch. Alessandro Grella, PhD
tel. +39 328 4838858
email: alessandro.grella@gmail.com
skype: alegrella
via Breglio, 17 – 10147 – Torino – Italy
Izmo – made to gather
FitzLab, via Aosta, 8 – 10152 – Torino – Italy