Mid 2017, Fabrique Publique started research into the possibility of reusing broken and/or discarded ceramics as a valuable resource for new tableware.

It is clear that we cannot go on producing the way we are producing today, or we will create mountains of waste, losing tonnes of valuable materials. This is also the case with ceramics. Once we break a plate, mug or cup, we throw it into the waste bin and it goes to the incinerator.

With ‘Remake ceramics’, Fabrique Publique would like to use the waste material and make it a valuable resource for new products.

At Ventura Future, the first tests with recycled ceramics, used with different types of clay, will be shown. It is applied to a new set of tableware called ‘Future history’. The presentation will show what recycled content means for tactility and outlook of the designs.

The tableware itself is based on simple geometrical shapes and aims to encourage people to share food. The different plates fit together, but can also be used separately both as plates and as serving trays

This research project consists of different phases and this set of tableware is the first step. The plates presented at Ventura Future, already contain 10% of recycled material. The aim is to undertake further research to stretch the boundaries of how much recycled material can be added.

This project is supported by Cor Unum and the tableware is part of their ‘Future history’ series.

Further operational support is provided by TU Delft Resources and Recycling Lab.