The installation “REPLIKA“ takes up the idea of duplication or deferral of a generally known picture to another place within the city of Munich. The historic tradition of copying Italian architecture in considerable edifices of Munich, as e.g. the Feldherrnhalle as a replica of the Loggia die Lanzi in Florenz is continued in time with “REPLIKA“. The Hofgarten of Munich will be presented as replica of the Piazza San Marco in Venice – the two artists reproduce the well-known waving curtains of the arcades of Venice for the Hofgarten of Munich. The 88 arcs within the arcades of the Hofgartenarkaden will be arranged with light curtains. The draperies will show changing movements – thus constantly changing reviews and spatial images will be created.

The textile works “REPLIKA“ plays not only with the aspect of architectural borrowing but also with the creative means of disguising and discovering and, linked to that, with a new spatial perception of one of the best-known public places of Munich. Through the seemly simple creative measure, the arcades will be emphasized a new within the architectural concept of the Hofgarten thanks to the installation and will be perceived a new. For the passengers within the arcades, the installation „REPLIKA“ is an open, playful invitation into the Hofgarten, a request to discover this public place and to perceive him again.